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My words on Fort Night Battle Royal

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FORTNITE was it originally wasn't planned to be the game that you're familiar with today? It actually started out as something much different and because of this - the game was about to be grown in transition it is creating a much bigger problem than Epic Games has to find a way to properly deal with, but before we can get into this we need to talk about the history of the game itself Fortnite. As we know it has grown to become one of the most popular and it's not the most popular Battle Royale game .

The crazy thing is that the Battle Royale version of FORTNIGHT only came out in September 2017. I remember seeing the launcher Fortnite Battle Royale until later that year. I had never even heard of the game, and I instantly thought 'oh another battle royale game that we don't want, and we don't Need'. How exciting and bored i felt! But it turns out-Fortnite was originally planned to be something much different and it was announced all the way back in 2011. The thought behind the origin for the game started as a refresher to something that Epic Games wants; a casually work on game to relax and have some fun after releasing Gears of War 3. They wanted to take a breather and work on something different and less serious. Now looking back at this- the game is basically a passion project and not a priority. I guarantee you-that the developers at Epic Games would never have expected for this game to be as big as it has become. Anyways getting back on topic this game was originally planned to be a relaxing casual survival building game like minecraft .

But the developers took inspiration from other popular building games used to working on a project such as Gears of War 4, as it was actually originally planned to be a dark foggy crash Survival game. The open bike riding from Resident Evil aged but look good forever, so they decided to switch the cartoonish and almost childlike theme to what you see today and begin to work on features that would match this concept. In turn the first working version of fortnite was released today as the save the world version. The goal of the game was to scavenge and hunt when night Falls to 45 days to the sender horde of monsters that attack and try to kill you. As I originally said the shooting mechanism is in the game but it's really not what the game is all about. It's really a game focused more about survival than anything else. The RPG and building team wanted to work on elements that brought some people into the team of developers who worked in the MMO world and had them work on certain systems that would take the original game to a super exciting world to what you see today. The future of fortnite was broken down into 3 main phases that would produced a fun environment to play.

As the release came closer Epic Games offered a paid Early Access starting on July 25th 2017. it's a user purchases Early Access they would get a Founding role to which would carry into the free-to-play game when they release in 2018. The full game released a week after announcing this the team decided that they would actually offer the Battle Royale mode as a standalone free-to-play game which turned out to be a great decision for the company.
The fact that its free-to-play is just amazing. So I'm not complaining about that, I'm just saying that they should really think about what they're doing here because they could possibly lose the support of millions of people who basically back this entire project.
Just to clarify something, I'm not in any way hating on the company or the PVP version of the game. I am just like everybody else-think that Fortnite Battle Royale is a great game and I don't know anybody who doesn't think that it is a lot of fun.

My favorite part about making blogs like this is to see how you guys feel and to see why you either agree or disagree and just leave it doesn't help anyone so please tell me in the Comments what you like or disagree with i have written.

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    Great read good blog!!!