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The Long and unwaivering path-Part 1

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I cannot remember the exact day, I joined XGC back, in 2015. I know, there was lots of snow on the ground and I was working in Bonnyville,Alberta. I played exessive amounts of XBOX, something seemed missing felt lonely felt I could get a better experience, out of simply playing XBOX. It was when, I started hanging out with a co-worker and her fiancee. This fiancee, when I was present adv that he had a meeting with the captain in his clan. I found myself intrigued, I asked "what clan are you in?" I had already, gained the knowledge that gaming communities existed, had being a meber of Reality Dynasty, a clan that pulled away from KSI. When this clan , went defunct, I joined a few friends, and was accorded the rank of Division Leader was able to grow this division into several sections alas, unfortunatley life happened as was forced to leave.Returning to my XGC history, my freind informed me he was in XGC. I, asked futher probing questions. I found myself intrigued and asked on the spot " SOLD! Can I join?" There was the whole recruit process, playing with the captain and the lt, almost was not accepted, as the captian found issue with my cursing(I had recently, left the ranks of the Canadian Armed Force, swearing was every second word). I was able to curb some, of it and was read in with the standard shot in the head 1 week later,in XGC HAVOC. That same captain, would later leave XGC due, to issues in his like leaving his lt TONE to move up to captain, his chosen lt was MSBJ1992, I would soon be promoted to sargeant. It was, given several tasks, outside my normal responsibilities. It was revealed that I was secretly, being trained to be a lieutenant. TONE was forced to step down dealing with personal issues, MSBJ1992 and myself with the general XGC Dewhit69, and XGC TAP XS. We were promoted to captain and lieutenant respectively. During this trying time, as XGC HAVOC was plagued with inactivity, I was able to recruit, and motivate others to the same by july 2015, XGC HAVOC boasted over 100 active member, and found myself, being promoted to captain and chose my lt Pinkmist6669. 4 weeks later, after much delays due to peoples ranks, so forth proceeding began for a clan split, XGC PINA COLODA(formerly MSBJ1992) was to be the 1st general of XGC Death Lords and I its 1st captain.

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