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My Experiences in Clan Gaming (Background on me)

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Hello everyone.

You may not know me - but my name is SYN LOST VOICES. I am currently a LT of Hog Pounders Squad in SYN Whiskey Company. I feel as though I have read a couple of blogs and need to to stretch my legs and discuss how I came to join XG (Syndicate Division) and a little bit of background on the clans I have been in prior to this one (the successes and downfalls).

I began gaming online about 2006/2007 (estimating). My first online game was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I initially just played with friends that I met online and never really joined a clan until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is when I joined Horizon Gaming Community (HGC), a split from Homicidal Gaming Community.

HGC was a community based clan (similar to this XG) that had a similar rank structure, similar rules, etc. To be honest, I can't even remember the squad I was a part of - but from the very beginning I was welcomed in with open arms. I was in the military during this time and was about to head out to sea. After my two week testing period, I attained the rank of recruit even though I was going to be inactive because I was getting ready to head out to sea very soon. However, I left them my email to email me while I was gone, thinking no will email me and I will just talk to them when I get back. However the was not the case. I was emailed (and responded) several times to one of the members to keep in touch with what was going on, clan news, promotions, etc. I was not expecting any of this. Anyways, after I returned, I hit the ground running, moving up in rank, learning how to recruit, how to train others, clan lists, updating the site, etc. I quickly moved up to SGT, LT, and Captain of my own squad. By this time we were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. We set up emblem competitions, Game Nights featuring 2 vs. 2 teams, Signature competitions, etc. By this time I had been approached by several people if I wanted to move up to General because one of the Generals was moving up to sort of what is considered in XG a Section Leader. I agree and began getting trained on how to run a clan. I learned everything from what the council was doing all the way down to the basics.

However, we hit a snag. Some of the members we had brought in became friends with some of the Homicidal Gaming crew and were beginning to poach our members. This happened while I was General. I convened a meeting with the Council and we agreed this individual needed to be kicked out of the community and placed on the banned list. I did exactly that. This is when HGC began to crumble. As this began to happen more and more, the Council, the Section Leader, and I agreed that we wanted to move over to PS4 from Xbox 360. we informed the members of the clan during our last meeting and one of the members knew someone from Syndicate Gaming and anyone who wanted to go with them could go but that we were ending HGC. Nothing ever happened with trying to launch a new clan on PS4.

From there I went back onto Xbox 360 and finally found some other players on another Call of Duty game (Maybe Ghosts) and joined another clan called B4M (Beg 4 Mercy) Gaming Community. They had split previously from another clan (If you see a pattern, it is true). I quickly rose in that community as well. Once again, we did similar competitions,game nights, etc. Once again drama ensued and a split happened to create WtK (We the Kings) Gaming Community. These were both short lived again..

Since that time I kind of wandered - like a lost soul in the wilderness until one of my friends (from HGC - who was council and previously a part of XGC) had rejoined Syndicate Clan. He kept on talking to me about how great SYN was and what they were all about. Before he started talking to me, I told myself how I would never join another clan again because I was tired of joining something only to see it fall apart. Like i have already said through my story so far, I have seen a lot of clans come and go. I just wanted to be a part of something permanent.. and I have found that in XG. Since the day I started with XG - SYN - Whiskey Company, I have been embraced as a valued member of our squad and our community. I have presented ideas which have been implemented and am continually learning daily about how XG - SYN works. I am currently a LT of Hog Pounders Squad within Whiskey Company and I am looking forward to becoming a Captain and taking on my own squad; then becoming a General and continuing to move up in rank. I believe I have a lot of new ideas to offer and new ways to help XG - SYN continue to grow as a community.

I would like to thank these people who have made my entry into XG - SYN a reality and who have helped me along the way teaching me a few things here and there:

SYN Freya XS (Section Leader over Whiskey Company): Thank you for being there for me to talk to and ask questions about how XG - SYN works and helping me along the way to becoming a LT. I appreciate everything you have done and will continue to do to make XG - SYN a great place to game and meet wonderful people!

SYN HAWK GUNS (General of Whiskey Company): Thank you for being patient with me in wanting to move up in rank, for listening to all of my crazy ideas, and for understanding my life is crazy. I look forward to seeing what we can do together to make Whiskey Company an amazing clan!

TZX CYANYDE (SGT of Hog Pounders Squad): Thanks for getting me into XG - SYN. I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to the future and building our friendship.

Vanbird7 (Captain of Hog Pounders Squad): Thanks for the continued support. I look forward to talking with you more about learning how to be a Captain and eventually taking over my own squad within XG - SYN.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the XG members who I have gamed with and now friends with on Xbox One! (My friends list I believe is open on Xbox One. If not hit me up for a friend request). Thank you all for playing various games with me and allowing me to just hang out with y'all!

XG - SYN's future is bright and literally the sky is the limit! Thank you for allowing me to explain a little bit about who I am. I will be posting more blogs in the future!


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  1. XGC TINTIGG XS's Avatar
    Great read.
  2. XGC Buffy XS's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your story, look forward to more gaming with you in the future and keep on with those crazy new ideas! Can never have enough of those