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XG Through the Eyes of a Lower Leader

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I see too many times, lower leaders having multiple issues across the spectrum of things. Well, I am writing this blog to help you give a perspective that might just help you out. First thing I will say is, read up on Leadership in the Leadership Development Tools thread. This has a lot of useful information that can help you out at the end of the day. While that to me builds the canvas, possibly throwing a perspective in there might paint the picture more clear for some.

First things first, things.......will go wrong. It happens, it's inevitable. You can prevent it, however, there is always one bad seed that works its way in and sometimes can be a FUBAR. I have been guilty of trying to preventing things going wrong and has led to a bad decision. One thing I have learned, take it for a grain of salt. Do not take it personal no matter how much it may seem personal. The more personal you take it, the more likely you are to make a bad decision. Observe and report. I cannot stress this enough. General's, we work with our Section Leaders to try to create a "positive experience" for XG members. Just reporting on an issues and giving details to them may open a eye to see something you may not have, even possibly open a door to new information that may not have been there to begin with. Utilize your peers more. This opens the door to new perspectives and can help making better decisions.

Adapt, Improvise, Evolve. These three things I see all the time. Adapting to your new members, adapting to other members of the community. I'm not saying change yourself at all. What this means is, one person might be able to handle you at the fullest extent and others may not. Toning yourself down does not mean you are changing yourself, just means you are aware of others and adapting. Improvising new things into the clan. Whether it might be a new clan game, new clan game night with modes that you are not used to playing. Teaching and training your counterparts below you in different ways. We are not allowed to hold classes, but training oppurtunities are still there without telling them how, but letting them do it and correct them when a mistake occurs. Evolution happens as we go up in rank whether you see it or not. When we were Lieutenants, we didn't see much of the picture. Then as a Captain, we made decisions over our squads and started to see more of the picture. Now moving to General, you look at everything on a clan wide basis, see where I am going with this. Each time you rank up, your vision has to evolve bigger and bigger. See things on a new level without changing the defining interests of, "What is best for XG".

Now, while some may agree with this, other may not, this is more a mere perspective. Before stating something that is possibly wrong, this is from personal experience in XG and things I have learned that others may be having trouble with. This is not a guide to tell others to follow the same footsteps, but to mere open eyes to the bigger picture whether it's to dealing with issues, the clan, ranking up and etc. It's taking the objective outlook while removing as much emotion to keep the vision clear. We are all guilty of making an emotional decision for we are emotional, however, this was designed to help my peers, Captain's and Lieutenants vs higher ranking members.

Decision Making: "Sometimes we have to make decisions that may not be in the best interest of the people, but they are neccessary for the bigger picture." ~Vivian C. Feticher

Actions: "Everyone has said actions define who we are. However, without vision, actions are meaningless." ~Vivian C. Feticher

Honesty: "Absolute honesty isn't always the most diplomatic nor the safest form of communication with emotional beings." ~TARS (Interstellar)

Issues: "The only issue, is the one that is not spoken of." ~Vivian C. Feticher

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  1. XGC TAURUS XD's Avatar
    Nice blog Viv!
  2. lDevilsRejectl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by XGC Taurus XS
    Nice blog Viv!
    One of many to come. I have a few more idea's to help out.
  3. XGC BUCS XD's Avatar
    Nicely put! Great job!!!!