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XGC Taurus XS

2 Years Cigarette Free

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As I started to quit smoking cigarettes I was making blogs on the amount of days that I quit smoking. For any of you who donít know I smoked cigarettes for 10 years and was addicted.Today on 11/13/17 marks 2 years cigarette free.

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  1. XGC Buffy XS's Avatar
    Congrats Taurus! That's awesome!
  2. XGC Taurus XS's Avatar
    Thank you Buffy it’s been a tough journey so far.
  3. SYN Freya's Avatar
    Congrats on making the journey. I understand that it can be hard at times. I have been cigarette free since 2012. I found it is was especially hard when I would have an adult beverage because that was when I would smoke the most. If you have made it this far you will keep going knowing that you have made a right choice.
  4. XGC Taurus XS's Avatar
    Thanks Freya! Definitely going to keep going! I will say it’s very rewarding when you stop but very difficult when you have been smoking that long. For any smoker out there who has smoked as long as I did can say it’s one of the hardest things to stop. If I can do it I feel like anyone can all
    About the will power!