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SYN Freya

Being A Leader In Xiled Gaming

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[I]This was the second blog that was posted. Next post will be fresh, I promise. Thanks for following.[/I]

I have learned much in my time as member of Xiled Gaming. When I took over the clan some weeks ago I had an individual that thought he was above the rules. He then decided to leave the community. Yet, in the last couple of weeks there have been events with this individual whereby he has been at times mean and accusatory. I have strived to protect the members from when it comes to interactions with this individual but at the same time I am also strive to keep the drama down so that we as a clan can move beyond this one individual.

What is the point of airing this out, you ask?

For one, I have tons of leadership experience outside of the community. I have literally taken people into battle and have brought them out unscathed. I was an Army Drill Sergeant for two years, molding and teaching people that have never even seen a weapon be able to be proficient. The other side of this is that I was also Military Police. I problem solved constantly when I was not being deployed to foreign countries. I have be on a protective detachment for 4 Star Generals and Admirals.
I feel this gives me different perspective on what it means to be a leader. Xiled Gaming has the right path when it comes to leading. To get back to the original thought; I was at a loss as to what to do when it came to this individual.

So, what will I do with my clan when it comes to this individual?

Sometimes a leader must step back and allow others to formulate their own opinions. I could be as cruel as this other person but what kind of example would I be showing to the members in the clan. Instead I decided that I would be above it all in that I would allow my clan to make their own decisions in what they wanted to do. So, I informed my clan leaders that if the members felt they wanted to continue to game or be in a party with this individual then I would not stop them or discourage them in any way. This allows them to both see that I have confidence in their capabilities as well as disprove that what the individual says about me or the leaders above me are false.

I am not going to say that this was an easy decision nor is it easy to implement. But I have grown to understand that there are limitations in what can be done when a member is no longer a part of the community. This means that as leaders we just have to trust that our members strive to inculcate the Xiled Gaming Core Values when they make their decisions within the community. I know I have a new understanding and value the struggles that these leaders have in making decisions for the good of the community.

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