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My outlook on XG...

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Where to begin...many people who look in from an outsider's perspective will view XG as just a gaming community, a way to pass time. Now far be it for me to argue this with anyone. I am sure there are some people who are part of this community who only participate to pass time, which is completely acceptable. I mean, i'm sure all of us started just for that. But then the inevitable happens...people start spending more and more time together, gaming, talking and growing to be friends and like family. It's within these walls that we "protect" not only ourselves but each other. Life got you down? Pop in a game and go find people to game with. Family issues arise? Jump in a lobby and laugh with your friends. This becomes a release for alot of us. Now people come and go, which is a fact of life. But what XG has taught me is that no matter what happens in life, no matter what positives or negatives life serves up, we always have each other. This community has shown me alot over the years, both good and bad but like life, nothing is perfect! It's the people in the community that make this worth it, make us want to come back again and again. It's helped me through the good and bad, as I am sure many others. So I would just like to say from my personal point of view, I am proud to be a member of XG, for without it, who knows where i'd be...(sorry about the rhyme lol)

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  1. XGC Tantaliz XC's Avatar
    Well said Bucs!
  2. SYN Freya's Avatar
    I totally agree. Thanks for saying what most of us think already. Great job!