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SYN Aquatic XS

My experience in Xiled gaming /SYN

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When I left my old clan HRG.I was on the path of looking for a new clan. One day I have met SYN Kirk. When I first met Kirk I felt very scared of him I don't know why. SYN Kirk was very nice and fun to game with. Later on I have met SYN Sparz and Eyes. They seem really cool. I game with them hear and Day SYN Kirk asked me to join SYN. I really didn't know much about the clan but I joined. After that long read in and getting register on the website lol. I was in SYN Black water my first home clan. There was a lot of mice people in Black water. I started making new friends. Later on I was promoted to a private in the clan. After reading over the responsibility of it I was wanting to learn more. I went on the website to find more information that can come use to me. There was very interesting information. Couple weeks later I was promoted to a sergeant. I start working on my goals to go for leadership. At first I didn't know anything bout being in leadership but I went for it. So I strived to work towards my goals. Then I met SYN Breezy oh my gosh and later on met SYN Lighting XS. I Realized breezy and Kirk together is something lol. I loved how the game they always called on and I ran a lot with them. I learned new game strategies and made a lot of friends that I can call family. I met a lot of people when I first joined

Few months later SYN black water did a clan spilt to create SYN Legacy. I made my way up the ranks I was promoted to a lieutenant. But it didn't last. I found myself in a bad situation. I had to go to my section SYN Kirk XS at the time due to my general SYN Sparz and eyes went inactive on me. I felt like I didn't know what to do so I old Kirk what was going on. On his part he had to make a hard decision. They merged back into one clan which I was a little upset but it was what it was. Then after that they left the clan. SYN Black water had a new general. I was back up as a lieutenant still trying to figure out a lot of things. A couple weeks later I was promoted to captain. I was so happy that I was getting through my goals. I'm going to fast forward because a lot took play during my experience. I end up getting demoted due to a lot of reason mainly my attitude. After my demotions I was really upset set. I send Kirk a message asking for his help with what can I do better. Kirk is a very wise person and really give u a straight answer. I took his advice and went inactive for a bit just to get my head straight. I started gaming with certain people that was a positive moods. One day SYN Breezy was talking to me and he asked me to help him with SYN Xiled Kings. At first I was unsure of it . But I need a new start so went and helped him out.

Later on I became in leadership over SYN Xiled Kings. Breezy promoted me general over SYN Xiled Kings. I was recruiting like Crazy then one day We got a new section leader SYN Lighting XS. Me and lighting had a lot of disagreement. But we work together to get things flowing. It took it a lot to get on the same page but we always try to work together and give out ideas if need so. Then couple weeks later we got a new section leader. Later on we ended up with no section leader. Not knowing what was going on I didn't let that effect the flow of the clan I ended up doing four squad splits, had leadership trained up just in case anything happen and we kept recurring new member. The clan was built back up and everything going smooth. After SYN Drifter XD told me that our xs was the XD's. I said okay. After a few weeks or so SYN Drifter XD SYN Retro XD SYN Sappy SYN Karma XD SYN Zackman XD pulled me into a lobby and was talking to me I never been so scared in my life. I had no clue on what's going on. They promoted me to a XS and I started crying tears of joy I never though I would make it to this position in the community. As a XS now I still have a lot to learn. I get taught new things everyday. With me being new to a XS I had a lot of help from the other XS's like SYN BUFFALO XS SYN SNOW XS SYN R4ptor XS SYN DEVILS XS SYN Ribon XS and many more. Even the old XS's like SYN BREEZY XS and SYN Kirk XS they believed in me a lot when I didn't believe in me they helped me out a lot. I really hope I made them proud. Like I said I might be a XS but I still have a lot to learn and my learning continues. SYN is my family until the end of time and I'm glad to be part of a great wonderful and a amazing community. I LOVE U SYN

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  1. XGC Taurus XS's Avatar
    It definitely feels good when you reach the goal
    You want to achieve. Everyone has ups and downs on their road to success but it's about sticking it through and reaching where you want to be! Congratulations on all your achievements, I wish you many more! Good blog thank you for sharing!
  2. SYN Aquatic XS's Avatar
    Thank you so much XGC Taurus XS that means alot
  3. XGC Binx XS's Avatar
    Good read. That's what bring a leader is about. Getting back on your feet and tackling obstacles that get in your way and not letting them get you down and stray you away from reaching your goals. Good stuff and congrats on the promotion
  4. SYN Aquatic XS's Avatar
    Thank u Binx XS