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First off, I apologize for it being so long between blogs. I had recent death in the family as well as hearing news that my father has early stage cancer. It has been a long month but I am ready to continue. So here goes.

Responsibility... it is a word that we hear and see often as adults. Responsibility for self, for others, for things we own, for things that we have to deal with as adults. This Responsibility could be in the form of bills, children, parents, school, work, and of course in Xiled Gaming. But what does the word Responsibility really mean?

According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary (1977) the word meant the quality or state of being responsible: as a moral, legal, and/ or mental accountability; something for which one is responsible. On Google the word means the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. To me, both are extremely powerful definitions. The tell me that I not only take on the burden of being accountable but also the duty and I do it by choice. How does the pertain to Xiled Gaming in particular?

It means that when I accept the role of leader, I am duty bound to be accountable for those that I am with in the clan and community. Knowing when to step back and take into account others responsibility as well and how they might interfere with the overall design of Xiled Gaming seems to be difficult for me at times. This is all very new to me and through no fault of anyone I become questionable about my actions in relation to my responsibility as a general in the community.

When does responsibility become too much to bear? I have yet to find my happy medium when it comes to responsibility. My sense of duty and loyalty at times seems to have an over-riding factor to responsibility. I say this because I become engrossed in something that I have a passion for but I could be causing harm through my "responsibility" instead being that one person that should be more of the helpful type. I will say that when it comes to this community I take my responsibility seriously. I consider the actions of every decision that I make and weigh the pros and the cons before moving forward. I also consider those that have been in this community for a long time have to say about my potential decision.

This year has been a long one and there are still a few months left but despite what has happened I still find that the decisions I have made for myself and the community are my responsibility. I am so glad to be part of this community with the struggles I have endured and it has shown that we are a family of gamers.

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