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The Way Things Are From Where They Were

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There are many constants in life but there are also changes. This happens because as humans we grow and learn. Just think for a moment your childhood. You first learning to swim, ride a bike, play a musical instrument, writing, reading, math, and many other things were learned in childhood. As you grew to your teens you learned to be social, game, dance (or thought you learn for some), play sports, and more complex skills geared toward adulthood or college. Now as adults, it seems that learning would be halted. After your an adult, what more could you possibly learn.

Yet as adults we continue to learn in more subtle ways. As a doctoral candidate, I am constantly honing my skills from the field that I have chosen to make my profession. As a gamer, I want to improve the ways in which I game because I know that each game has its unique style, perks, and outcomes. As a leader, I learned that I was supposed to be strong at communication, have absolute certainty despite not knowing everything, to be available to those under me at all times, and to do everything possible on my own whenever I am able.

Since joining Xiled Gaming, I feel like I have grown and learned considerably. I have learned that I have limitations. One of my limitations is that I at times do too much alone but that it is not necessary. I have plenty of other people that are more than willing to help. But that also means that I need to ask which is another limitation. I like to do many things and when I love something, I love it with my whole heart. But that means that I have to love the great things as well as the not so great things.

I found that recently the not so great things made me angry. I wanted instant results for things that just took time within the community. At first I tried to be accepting but as time dragged on I found that my patience was not as long as I thought the wait would be. That in culmination with anniversaries of friends that died in combat made for a volatile outcome. I finally was able to manage myself with some difficulty and great advice from some great people in the community. I did a self reflection and found that I was requiring everyone to know that I have such high expectations and standards. This is a gaming community and I lost sight that my one true goal is to game and have fun. So I learned. I learned that not everything is a crisis, that I can let others to deal with certain situations, and I learned to just sit back to allow progression to have its own time. Until then I will just...

Game on.

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