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Feeling Lost

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After becoming general I felt this great sense of honor and strength within the community. Then I began to have a stronger bond with my clan and everything seemed to be going great. Somewhere along the lines I lost myself, I became a dictator. Someone I hated, someone my clan began to hate. I was trying to be the best leader for them, the best leader I could be and somehow I got too caught up in the title. I lost some really good players along the way and I can't apologize enough for that. Then it seemed like I couldn't grasp digging myself back out of this hole, then I met this amazing player who welcomed me with open arms like a true brother. SYN GlobalAce k kinda took me in and we gamed together for over a month, as we both struggled with the clans. We decided together why not merge two good clans to make one great clan! So here we are, Section 8 and Gluttony 7 merged into one(Gluttony 7) with hopes of turning the game around right now and coming back stronger than ever! I know what it's like to feel lost and stressed..just so you know you're not the only one

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  1. SYN Major XS's Avatar
    Good read. One thing all the leaders of XG must remember is our roots. We all joined this community to have fun and network and we can't forget that. Just remember to hold yourself accountable and do your best to invest your time in others. When you forget the title and the power you begin to see what real leadership is and you will see success that you've never thought was possible. Stay true to the reasons we are all here and you will start to see amazing changes in your clan and the attitudes of the members.
  2. FierceEyez's Avatar
    Thank you for reading and for your kind words. I look forward to finding myself again now as Captain of Gluttony. To take a step back and re analyze who I am and what I contribute.
  3. XGC WaynesWorld's Avatar
    We all go through that at some point in our life. I worked for the Departmention of Corrections for 2.5 years and people who were promoted would tend to forget where they came from. It's difficult sometimes especially with more responsibilities and more being expected of you but being able to set back, take a breather and move forward definitely makes a difference. Keep pushing forward and always remember why you joined XGC in the beginning.