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The Future is Here

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What's up, ladies and gents?! McWaynesWorld here attempting to begin one of many various serious in regards to what we all food and drinks....okay just kidding. Really though, gaming. Duh, that's one of the reasons we are all here right? So, with that being said, what does the future of our amazing pass time look like? I know when I watched E3 last year (just think, 9 days ago was last year...go figure...lame I know) there are a lot of new developments and advancements coming our way. So far, graphics in newly released games are phenomenal, they have virtual reality gaming available for PS4 and mobile devices, but whats next? How far are developers going to go? It's kind of an exciting thought. Just think, we could eventually be in a situation like Jake Sully was in James Cameron's Avatar - being in control of a completely different body....don't judge me on my choice or reference. That movie is off the change and anyone who says otherwise is a can fill in the blank yourself lol.

Okay, lets look at the now, now...Meow, we have a wide variety of games to be released this year as well as new systems. Some of you Red Dead Redemption fans are about to have your dreams come true guessed it, Red Dead Redemption 2. (Great one saw that coming). Others are looking at the psychotic Dead Island 2....really....oh this number 2....Me personally, I'm excited for Sea of Thieves, For Honor, and of course the Nintendo Switch - again, don't judge me.

So, I know we aren't all rich and famous (I mean look at or economy). Certain individuals will be purchasing certain games based on there styles which means more than likely a single copy of each game releasing this year will be purchased somewhere by someone involved with XGC. This is where we can share our thoughts on if it was a wise purchase or not (I'm not a fan of wasting my hard earned moola).

Well, that's it for now. Just an idea for the new year for all viewers to gain knowledge from people they trust on whether something is worthy or not. Also, for those who purchased the same game, it'll help our gaming community grow more in my opinion (but opinions are like booty holes....everyone has one....and yes i said booty with it).

Later fam,

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