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      I know a lot of you have been finding issues and problems with the new update to the website. We are very well aware of the issues and we are and will be addressing them over the next few months. We appreciate all of you reporting any found issues to this link http://www.xiledgaming.com/forumdisp...Upgrade-Errors just make a post here and it will be addressed. We thank you for your paitence while we continue to make our website the best for you!

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      1. XGC Asesino's Avatar
        XGC Asesino -
        gotta love our haters means we are popular
      1. SYN Visionary's Avatar
        SYN Visionary -
        Hater's are my favorite hope they come at us
      1. XGC Fuffalo's Avatar
        XGC Fuffalo -
        Site is lookin' good so far. Good job bridging the users and posts. I do recommend an image (news)slider for the homepage. I know of a decent free one. If you ever want a list of some cool & useful plugins pm me. I have had vb4 since it came out (let's not dwell on why ) so I could make a pretty useful list for you in a short period of time.

        Anyways, good job and I look forward to how the final product looks.
      1. KoG Jehuty's Avatar
        KoG Jehuty -
        So glad its back up
      1. KoG EZ TEC's Avatar
        KoG EZ TEC -
        ty for adding the option to change your gamer tag in your profile options. I had my gamer tag request to be changed before the site was updated and my gamer tag card on my profile never changed it stayed as EZ TEC. Now since you've made the option to change it my card for my gamer tag has changed itself. One question though?? How do you find the site that XGIA has a link to make gifts and what not ? I have a mug saved and i still want to buy it but there are no links to get to the gift shop that i assume we are affiliated with granted i know your still working on the site. plz message me back thanks TEC
      1. XGC BlackxAngel's Avatar
        XGC BlackxAngel -
        it may have problems but like any good site does with an upgrade its going to have problems. i agree with KoG Jehuty though and that its back up so that we can start spreading our name to the masses again and have a site to refer them to. the new site is absolutely beautiful guys. keep it up
      1. XGC BuLB BuSTER's Avatar
        XGC BuLB BuSTER -
        I'm sorry but this website is crap now.. it is horrible it looks better but all the wonderful features we had is gone this is just a simpler version thats harder to navigate no forum jump Now its archived and no mass pm.. Crapppp It seems ya'll did away with stuff to add stuff ummmmmmm why? it was fine the way it was why change something that worked great before
      1. KoG Jehuty's Avatar
        KoG Jehuty -
        I like the change in the new usergroup tabs.
      1. KoG EZ TEC's Avatar
        KoG EZ TEC -
        ​I think that the website is better now, I find it much easier. I find the navigation is much more refined, also the ability to search groups is faster. Great job on the upgrade to the website. However if i could make a suggestion ? About the shirts you get when you buy a platinum membership, you should make them available to buy all the time. With different variants of the Xiled Gaming Clan logo. Black and white is universal. Spice things up a bit. Add colour !!!!
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