• Community Promotion: XGC HeavyD

    XGC HeavyD was recruited into XGC on June 29, 2015. As he showed his promise as a leader in XGC, he attained the rank of General, showing that he has the mettle to lead. Circumstances were not always kind, and he found himself inactive due to personal issues after awhile. In August of 2018, he came back from inactivity, and ended up in KoG Delta as a Sergeant. A chain of events took place that saw him chosen as a new LT, and when his General stepped down, he was elevated to Captain. Not long after that, his second General had to go inactive due to personal issues, and he found himself in position to be promoted to General.

    Please welcome the new General over KoG Delta, XGC HeavyD!!!
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    1. KoG xLOTUSx's Avatar
      KoG xLOTUSx -
      Congratulations XGC HeavyD on your promotion to General!!! Keep up the great work!
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      SYN QueenBee88 -
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    1. SYN INVINCIBLE's Avatar
      Congrats brother