• Community Promotion: InsaneOuija

    Please help me in congratulating InsaneOuija on his promotion to General over KoG Royalty! Ever since i got introduced to this young lad he has shown much interest in moving up in leadership. He transferred over to KoG Royalty September 28th and has continued to show that he wanted to go through the training to make his way to where he is now. He has definitely shown a lot of potential in becoming a great Leader in KoG and the community in general. Hes trained hard over the last month and a half, and continues to grow everyday and continues to show everyday that he wants to push to excel and be the best that he can be!
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    1. JustGary440's Avatar
      JustGary440 -
      Congrats buddy, always knew ya had it in ya and glad to see you getting to where ya want to be. Keep up the great work!
    1. KoG WikkidWifey's Avatar
      KoG WikkidWifey -
      Congrats knew u could do it so proud of u