• Community Promotion: SYN Heavenly

    In May of 2017 a new member by the name of QGN Evolve joined SYN Havoc, though many of you probably know him better as SYN RageQuit or now as SYN Heavenly. After some time there he took a break from the community for a while before joining back into SYN Nightmare. He transferred out to another clan for a short while before hearing that the split of his home clan (SYN Nightfall) needed help at which point he returned to it to see what he could do. At that time the clan had no leadership and Heavenly was quick to show his eagerness to learn and his dedication to helping the clan however he could. After moving up through the ranks he has now eventually made it to general and I hope that he will make his clan proud and help SYN Nightfall reach new heights!

    So, please join me in congratulating SYN Heavenly on his promotion to general of SYN Nightfall! Keep working hard!