• Community Promotion: MsAnastasia96

    There's a New PanzerGirl in Town!

    MsAnastasia96 has been promoted to General over SYN Blackforest. Please help me congratulate her, as she steps into this new role! MsAnastasia96 has been with XG since July 2018. She was recruited into SYN Diabolic, and has proven herself to be a great Leader. Since she was recruited, she has shown great promise within the clan, and has done a wonderful job at getting her squad together. She's a go-getter, and strives to learn more. She's definitely a wonderful person to have in leadership, and I would like everyone to give her the congratulations she deserves. You will go far, and I have faith you will do your clan right. Congratulations, MsAnastasia96!
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      Congrats, Anastasia! Great work! (:
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