• In loving memory

      On August 31st we lost a dear friend,

      KoG Faceup XD passed away due to health complications. FaceUp was a fearless leader and a great friend. Many of the leadership worked with FaceUp and he touched a lot of peoples hearts within the community. This is a hard time for this community and this great leader will be greatly missed. He was an inspiration to the community and always lent a helping hand for the people in the community. Our hearts hurt for this dear friend, and we want to hear your stories on how FaceUp might have inspired your life within the community.

      We will miss FaceUp dearly and for the incredible work he did in the community, we are inducting KoG FaceUp XD into the XG Hall of Fame.
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      1. Killersun's Avatar
        Killersun -
        I am sorry for your loss I to feel the pain that you feel I believe that we can make FaceUp's legacy live on
      1. XGC Tantaliz XC's Avatar
        XGC Tantaliz XC -
        RIP FaceUp
      1. XGC TAURUS XD's Avatar
        XGC TAURUS XD -
        Rest In Peace.
      1. XGC Gore's Avatar
        XGC Gore -
        I never was able to meet FaceUp, but nonetheless, my condolences to everyone to did know him & got to work along side him. Rest easy.
      1. KoG KiLo69's Avatar
        KoG KiLo69 -
        Rest easy FaceUp, you will be missed. My deepest condolences to his family.
      1. XGC WikkidWifey's Avatar
        XGC WikkidWifey -
        Rest in peace
      1. XGC Traitor XC's Avatar
        XGC Traitor XC -
        It's been years since we spoke, but he was a good friend and a good leader. He will be missed.
      1. XGC BUCS XD's Avatar
        XGC BUCS XD -
        This hurts my heart. RIP Faceup...you will be missed.
      1. SYN Stiddy's Avatar
        SYN Stiddy -
        Tragic indeed. Rest in Peace, FaceUp.
      1. SYN Lewd's Avatar
        SYN Lewd -
        I never got the chance to meet FaceUp, but I saw all the hard work he has put into the community. Seeing what he has done has inspired me to become a better leader in our community. Rest In Peace FaceUp you will be missed.
      1. SYN MAHIGAN's Avatar
        SYN MAHIGAN -
        Me and faceup never really saw eye to eye on some things but man it was great to get in a fireteam with him on destiny and destroy people in the crucible or listen to him lead a fireteam through one of the raids the guy was a great leader and a good friend to those he ran across he will be missed your fight is over Guardian R.I.P FaceUp
      1. XGC Cazkit's Avatar
        XGC Cazkit -
        May you rest easy FaceUp! You surely will be missed by many!
      1. KoG xFATHOMx's Avatar
        KoG xFATHOMx -
        Incredibly sad to hear this news, FaceUp and I were very close back in our XG days, and although we drifted apart we still kept in contact. It was a pleasure leading KoG alongside and under this guy for several years. Also, major respect to the Xiled Gaming Community for this post, glad to see him remembered in a place where one time, he loved so much.
      1. SYN RETRO XD's Avatar
        SYN RETRO XD -
        RIP FaceUp. You will be missed! It was a pleasure to get to know you.
      1. XGC WiCkEdBoSs's Avatar
        XGC WiCkEdBoSs -
        I would like to take this time and send my Condolences to his Family & Friends.
      1. SYN Imhotep's Avatar
        SYN Imhotep -
        R.I.P. Faceup. You will be missed old friend.
      1. XGC EALP10889's Avatar
        XGC EALP10889 -
        I never got to know him but he was part of the XG family and will always be apart of us. Rest in Piece buddy.
      1. SYN SexyShooter's Avatar
        SYN SexyShooter -
        RIP FaceUp. you will be dearly missed, wish i got to know him.
      1. XGC Karma XC's Avatar
        XGC Karma XC -
        Rest In Peace, FaceUp.

        I had the pleasure of knowing FaceUp for my entire journey in Xiled Gaming. . He taught and encouraged me through every point in this community, and was always there to keep me on my toes. He never quit being involved and caring for every person he came into contact with. It has been such a shock to realize that he is actually gone. You never know when the last time you will talk to someone is, so make the most out of every conversation. ��
      1. KoG Kisses's Avatar
        KoG Kisses -
        Faceup will be missed greatly. He was a great inspiration within any community he was ever in. He was always helping and always around to help any person that needed him. He will be missed but never forgotten. This is a sad day in the gaming workd but I know that he will save a raid spot for all of us on the other side. Rest In Peace Faceup.
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