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    I would like to give a huge congratulations to SYN DarthNihlus on becoming General over SYN Divergent. I recruited SYN DarthNihlus around a year ago when his GamerTag was still just DarthVicarous. Since day one, he's been active, and committed to helping the clan. He's always bringing people together, and bringing positivity to all. He's a tough cookie, and doesn't let the little stuff get him down. If things don't work, he tries another approach. He's helped bring SYN Divergent more active the past few months, and this promotion was definitely well-deserved. He's a kooky and hilarious guy to have in parties, and is always down to help anyone out (even if they aren't a member). He's great at bringing people together, and he has the potential to make SYN Divergent a success! Here's to the Sith Lord and all the (Orderly) Chaos he brings in with his members. Congratulations, SYN DarthNihlus. You have done a great job. Keep it up! (:
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