• Community Promotion I Deadlykaos I General over XGC Counter Strike

    Please help me in congratulating I DeadlyKaos I as the general over XGC Counter Strike. Deadly has come a long way in the community, starting back in 2007. Deadly has been apart of Counter Strike for the past two years and has been a valuable member of the clan. He has recruited and built up the clan over the past 6 months and has truly been an asset to the clan and the community. Deadly and I have known each other for quite some time now, and have gotten to know each other on a name to name basis and have truly grown as friends. When the honor code says, to recruit like minded gamers, Deadly and I are like minded Gamers, and I'm proud to announce Deadly's promotion to General as I know he will do an awesome job.

    Congratulations again Deadly on a well deserved promotion.