• General promotion SYN IMPERVIOUS

    Please help me in congratulating SYN IMPERVIOUS to general of SYN VALAC.

    IMPERVIOUS first joined me in SYN HAVOC, where he showed great potential from the get go. So much so we even bumped heads to put it lightly. As the time pasted and he learned the community ways he became a great asset to the community.
    When Havoc did another split he went to SYN VALAC where he made LT and captain. While helping them through there tough times. Now Iím glad to say he has made general. Congrats again IMPERVIOUS keep setting your goals and achieving greatness..
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    1. SYN TermZ's Avatar
      SYN TermZ -
      Congrats man
    1. SYN RAGINGGODZ's Avatar
      Thank you!
    1. SYN KayKat XD's Avatar
      SYN KayKat XD -
    1. SYN GUNPLAY's Avatar
      Congratulations ! now lets get you to xs one day