• Till Death Do Us Part

      Let me give you a little insight on what is happening here. I take someone into a game of fortnite or pubg and interview them till that person dies. To do this I have SYN LADYREBL XS typing as fast as she can. We try to get as much of what is being said, but a lot is missed due to us not stopping even for punctuation. While doing this we are also streaming on my stream SYN_REZ_XC if you feel like you want to watch our stupidness.

      Usually I'll ask an XS to pick someone in their section to be interviewed. This person was picked by KoG Drifdar XS

      KoG CANARY (8/2/18)
      KoG CANARY joined Xiled Gaming in February of 2018 as ShEBeA5tIVIoDe to KoG
      Prophecy then was quickly transferred to KoG Appex.

      While in Lazy Links on Fortnite:
      RES:“What do you do for fun besides gaming?”

      KoG CANARY:Fishing in the summer, my brother comes over and we fish together. Fishing, huntin, camping.

      RES:“You’re a country girl”

      KoG CANARY:Yes I am!

      RES:“What’s your favorite ninja turtle or power ranger and why?”

      KoG CANARY:I’ve never watched it and don’t know what those are, but ask me about DC or The Avengers

      RES:“Okay, who’s your favorite Avenger?”

      KoG CANARY:Iron Man


      KoG CANARY:He’s so tough and plus I just like Robert Downey Jr.

      RES:“What video game would you like to be in and who would you be?”

      KoG CANARY:I’d play Fortnite STW and I’d be the ninja one (Assassin Sarah) because my short *** legs
      wouldn’t be a problem. I could just get the coffee whenever my mom comes over and puts it up
      high. She thinks its funny and has since I moved out in high school. I could just whoop-whoop
      up the cupboard and grab the coffee.

      RES:“What mantra do you live by?

      KoG CANARY:I don’t really have a mantra, but I just try to be happy and make others smile. I have quotes
      though No YOLOs around here.

      RES:“Favorite quote?”

      KoG CANARY:"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” Elanor Roosevelt

      RES:“You like country music? What’s your favorite song?”

      KoG CANARY:I like country music but rap is to music what cancer is to life. I hate it
      I don’t think I have a favorite song. I have a lot. I could say one and then change it and go on for
      an hour.

      KoG CANARY:I wouldn’t say I have something weird about me. What do you consider weird? I get a lot of
      looks and people think I’m weird for playing Xbox

      RES:“Biggest pet peeves on and off the box?”

      KoG CANARY:In parties when people have background music or have their TV up loud to where you can hear
      it through their headset
      Real life it’s when people open a can of pop or beer or whatever and the tab sticks straight up.

      RES:“What makes you fun to game with?”

      KoG CANARY:I like to have fun and game, I don’t take this stuff serious. The people that break controllers and
      stay angry for so long are just not fun to be around

      RES:“I used to be all about winning”

      KoG CANARY: I was too on Call of Duty but then I switch to Fortnite and it’s great, hoppin arounf hackin trees
      and its like christmas freakn morning on 50v50
      I get comments about being weird for doing something like Xbox because “isn’t that a boy

      RES:What does BeastIVIoDe look like?
      Gaming turrets

      RES:Favorite memory?

      KoG CANARY: DISNEYLAND. We have a timeshare with my family

      RES:Favorite place in Disneyland?

      KoG CANARY: Epcott

      RES:I’ve never been to Epcot

      KoG CANARY: What? Why not?

      RES:I live in California - oh I’m dying

      KoG CANARY: Yeah I am too
      Oh! Wha- wha- no- I- uh! I died
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        SYN Metal XS -
        I absolutely loved this. I want more. Lol.
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