• Community Promotion: KoG Dancnchanka

    On February 17, 2018, KoG and Xiled Gaming was introduced to a new Recruit in KoG Aerona, SovietSolution0, courtesy of KoG El Gato XS. SovietSolution0 learned the ways of KoG, and slowly began his climb up the rank ladder. In Early March, shortly after making the rank of Sergeant, SovietSolutin0 changed his gamertag to KoG Dancnchanka. A few months later, in late June, another clan in KoG was looking for leadership, and KoG Dancnchanka volunteered to transfer from KoG Aerona to KoG Apex in order to help out, saying what was best for KoG would be best for him as well. Two days later, he was promoted to Lieutenant. He continued to work with the clan, and two weeks later, he was promoted to Captain. He took to this quickly, both running the clan to the best of his ability, while learning everything that he could. His persistance and willingness to learn and lead paid off on August 5th, 2018 when he acheived the title of General of KoG Apex. Xiled Gaming, it gives me pleasure to introduce KoG Dancnchanka.
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      Congrats my guy!!