• Community Promotion KoG S0NIC // New Clan: KoG Destruction

    Congratulations to KoG S0NIC on his promotion to General over KoG Destruction.

    Ever since ChevyHHR2008 joined SYN Destruction in 10/22/17 he has done nothing but strive to learn to be a good member, play and get along with everyone. Heíll be the first to help someone out with anything that they need help with, whether it in a game or just general advice. When he made captain over squad in SYN Destruction he changed his name to SYN Marlboro100 and led his squad proudly. Later on SYN Destruction moved over to KoG and we became KoG Royalty. This didnít stop him from doing his job and he just kept pushing, recruiting, and playing. Now I know heís ready to take over KoG Destruction as KoG S0NIC. His constant persistence and strive to learn will lead him in becoming a great leader in KoG as a whole! LONG LIVE KoG DESTRUCTION!
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    1. KoG S0NIC's Avatar
      KoG S0NIC -
      Thank you man this means a lot to me and I'll continue to stive and do my best!
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      KoG CANARY -
    1. KoG Exile's Avatar
      KoG Exile -
      Keep it going man! Let’s build an empire. Congratulations!
    1. SYN APACHE's Avatar
      SYN APACHE -
      Congratulations! Glad To See A KoG Version Of Destruction.