• Community Promotion: KoG Blackbird

    Congratulations KoG Blackbird on making General over KoG XILED KINGS,

    I have seen you rise through the Ranks. I have seen great Leadership from you.

    You have made sure that your members are united, gaming, and happy.

    It gives me great Pleasure to Congratulate you on Making General over KoG XILED KINGS.

    I look forward to seeing you bring growth to that Clan and seeing future Clan Splits as I know that you will take the time to work with your Members and Produce Quality Leaders.

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    1. KoG CANARY's Avatar
      KoG CANARY -
      Congrats buddy!
    1. KoG Exile's Avatar
      KoG Exile -
      Congratulations!!!! Woo hoo!!!!