• Let's Get Quackin'!

    Let's Get Quackin'!

    SYN Quackers has been a part of Xiled since November of 2012. She's the current General of SYN Retro XD's Home Clan, SYN Lost Empire. For those of you who have not yet had a chance to meet her, you're definitely missing out! When she joins an Xbox Live Party, you'll know because you won't be able to stop laughing. She's the nerdy, Dr. Who watching General that I've come to know and love! Why are you still reading up here? Jump down below and get to the goods! (:

    What made you choose SYN Quackers as your GamerTag?
    "My previous gamertag was SquishyDucky, and I was tired of being called a ďSquishy DookyĒ, so now Iím Quackers! (or Quakers, or Crackers)..people can come up with some weird stuff."

    When did you realize that you had a love for Videogames?
    "I was probably around 5 years old. I was completely surrounded with Princesses and Barbie Dolls. I had a friend come over one day, and she had brought her N64 with her. We started playing Mario-Kart and Legend of Zelda. I was hooked. After that, it was videogames all the way. I said bye to those Princesses and Barbie Dolls."

    What would you do if you didn't have Videogames as a hobby?
    "Due to my work profession, I would definitely say a lot more of my time would be spent helping out in the Animal Shelters. I know they would need me, and I feel that's where I would be in my spare time if I didn't have Videogames."

    What is something you feel everyone should know about you?
    "Iím super kind to everyone, so I never really meet a stranger. Iím very outgoing and I donít have a hard time making friends. Iím super fun and enjoy meeting anyone and everyone."

    What would you say the community has brought to your life that wasnít there before?
    "Itís brought me more confidence in myself and be me. Iím able to be my nerdy self, and dorky, and Iím proud of that. Itís brought me amazing friends, and Iím very thankful for that. Some friends in Xiled, I have become friends with off the box and itís very awesome. Itís broken the shell for me, and Iím not as quiet and Iím more open to me being me.

    What does this community mean to you?
    "It means a lot to me. Itís something Iíve had for a long time, and Iíve built great friendships from it. Other communities that Iíve tried before Xiled were small and insignificant. Coming into XG was the best. I could go on the site and always find someone to play with. You get the small group feeling, but youíre part of something much bigger, and greater."

    Whatís something you feel you bring to the table with other gamers?
    "With my group, I bring the fun. Iím kind of the glue, and I push them to play with people they normally wouldnít. Iím a mediator. I have a ton of friends. I try hard not to change people, but at least get them with different groups and make new friends. Youíll miss out on so many things in this community if you just play games by yourself."

    Are you more competitive, or relaxed in your gaming style?
    "Iím relaxed. I can get competitive, but I am very relaxed. I play games that you donít necessarily have to be competitive in. I am more of a relaxed gamer. I like to have fun and chill."

    As a leader in the community, what's some advice you could give anyone?
    "I just want to say that everyone just needs to be kind. Whether people are nice to you or not, just be kind. Youíll get a lot further in life with that, than being rude. Follow the rules. Do what you can to help everyone out, not just yourself."

    "EAT A BAGEL, LIKE A BOSS!" -Like a Boss, The Lonely Island
    (I asked her for a song quote and this is what I got)

    SYN Quackers will definitely bring some variety to any Xbox Live party. Send her an invite, and play a few games with her! She's open to meeting anyone and everyone in the community, so jump in a game and play a few rounds with her!
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      Great article, SYN Metal XS and SYN Quackers!
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