• Community Promotion: SYN Glacerz

    On October 14th, 2016, KoG and XG was introduced to jag jesus, the newest recruit in KoG Echo. As time went by, jag jesus climbed his way up the ranks, and saw a lot happen to the clan. The clan was transferred to SYN and became SYN Echo. In time, jag jesus changed his name to SYN Glacerz, and work his way into the Lieutenant's position. The General went inactive, and his Captain was promoted to General, and he became Captain. In time SYN Echo split and the General went to the new clan, SYN Delta, taking SYN Glacerz with him. In early 2018, SYN Delta transferred to KoG, and became KoG Delta. His General stepped down for personal reasons, and with hard work, SYN Glacerz showed that he was ready for this new rank. Please welcome the newest General in KoG Delta, SYN Glacerz.
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    1. KoG Exile's Avatar
      KoG Exile -
      Congratulations man! Letís do this!
    1. KoG Drifdar XS's Avatar
      KoG Drifdar XS -
    1. SYN Glacerz's Avatar
      SYN Glacerz -
      Thank you everyone i look forward to showing everyone what delta can do