• Community Promotion: KoG LittleGirl

    Congratulations to KoG LittleGirl on their recent promotion to General over KoG Inferno!

    Since getting KoG Inferno back after it split off, KoG LittleGirl has shown that he has what it takes to better this foundation and keep building up! He is no stranger to this community since he joined back in January of 2014, he has grown so much and hope to see much more from him in the future

    Congratulations again to KoG LittleGirl on his recent promotion!
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    1. KoG Exile's Avatar
      KoG Exile -
      Congratulations! Iím excited to see what you can do.
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    1. KoG LittleGirl's Avatar
      KoG LittleGirl -
      thank you all
    1. KoG Retribution's Avatar
      KoG Retribution -
      Congratulations man!
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