• General Promotion: Fatderpybeats

    Help me in congratulating Fatderpybeats to the rank of general over SYN BROTHERHOOD. While hes been in SYN Ambush, he has grown a lot especially taking charge in his role in leadership. I remember when he first stepped up to the plate as a Lt. He always asking questions to better understand his role but to help other when they had any questions. Derpys main thing is communication. At first being a captain, he struggled with his transition but he still pushed to be a great captain. He brought everyone together in wardogz squad an continued to do an amazing job. He had asked SYN Warfighter is there any advice he can give him in being a general and what he said was, be you, who you are as a person/leader is the type of people your clan will turn out to be. Im happy to see him finally get what he worked so hard for. Cant wait to see the great things he has in store for SYN Brotherhood.

    CONGRATS Fatderpybeats!!!
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    1. KoG Drifdar XS's Avatar
      KoG Drifdar XS -
      Congrats on your promotion!!!
    1. SYN SKYE XS's Avatar
      SYN SKYE XS -
      Congratulations!!! i am so happy my home clan has re opened i'm sure you will do a fantastic job
    1. SYN Warfighter's Avatar
      SYN Warfighter -
      Congrats Derpy I’m gonna miss you being my captain but I’m excited to see you a general have fun man an if you ever need me I’m here for you brother
    1. Fatderpybeats's Avatar
      Fatderpybeats -
      Thanks yall really i appreciate it and am proud to tell yall that ill be trying my best and doing the same as far as my clan syn brotherhood is concerned thanks again yall
    1. SYN GokuGhost's Avatar
      SYN GokuGhost -
      congrats im glad my old clan of like 3months is back up and running keep it strong I wish I could transfer over but I have to figure things out with where im actually at
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    1. TulsaTangler420's Avatar
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