• Community Promotion: SYN Tgyles28

    SYN Tgyles28 originally joined XG back in April of 2016 into KoG, since then he has been in various different clans and been in leadership many times too. He transferred into Homicidal in March this year, seeking to return home to SYN after having transferred over to KoG for a while previously. There was originally no specific clan that he sought to join however he did express that he would like to help any clan that needed it. I have known Tgyles since first becoming a section leader so I know that he is capable if he puts his mind to it! So, I suggested to him SYN Homicidal, a clan in need of a bit of a boost. When he made the decision to transfer in there were already leadership spots available, and it wasn't long at all before he took up one of those, after showing how much he wanted to help the clan move forward.

    When the former general decided to step down Tgyles did his best to do what he could and has told me on many an occasion if there is anything he could do to help he would do it. At clan meetings he has always been very involved and is more than happy to contribute and do his best to motivate his fellow clan members to make the clan better. Tgyles even goes as far as to join clan meetings from his phone whilst he is at work and dealing with customers! If that doesn't show dedication I don't know what does.

    So, please join me in congratulating SYN Tgyles28 on his promotion to general of SYN Homicial!!
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    1. KoG Drifdar XS's Avatar
      KoG Drifdar XS -
      Congratulations Tgyles on making General. Keep working hard, and you will go far.
    1. xThyVenom's Avatar
      xThyVenom -
      Congratulations on your promotion!
    1. SYN APACHE's Avatar
      SYN APACHE -
      Congratulations On Your Promotion To General!