• SYNdicate Section Leader Promotion: SYN Vader XS

    SYN Vader was recruited into SYN Supernova August 2016. From there he split out of SYN Supernova with SYN Titans to where he would stay for quite some time and even make his first step to leadership as Lieutenant and his second step as Captain. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Vader had to step down and go inactive for a short while. After being inactive, Vader came back into the community and immediately rose back into leadership again in SYN Serenity. After successfully building his own squad on the One in SYN Serenity, Vader was able to split out to create SYN Erebus, thus becoming General. Since his time of being General, he has since recreated SYN Titans, while promoting SYN SOULGINGER as General, all with the help and guidance of SYN VeeVee XS.

    Vader, you have come so far from the first Titans era and the amount of information that you absorb and utilize is astounding. We are so proud to have you as a new Section Leader in SYNdicate and look forward to see you flourish into the Section Leader position.

    Congratulations on your promotion to Section Leader, Vader! Keep up the good work!
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    1. SYN SAVANT IV's Avatar
      I can think of no one who deserves the recognition more. Less than a handful of people I know have been as positive of a role model and have worked as hard to be, not just a leader but, a person that can be reached out to when needed by other people. Your personality, which (lol) can be dorky at times, is a landscape of the brighter sides of humanity and humility and, should be, an inspiration for those under your leadership and even a few of those above. Congratulations on taking that next step in bettering yourself as a person. It goes without saying (but I will because you earned it) that XG struck gold and is lucky to have you as a leader. Congratulations SYN VADER XS. Keep doing what'cha do.
    1. SYN Sappy XS's Avatar
      SYN Sappy XS -
      Congrats, looking forward to working with you,
    1. SYN DEIMOS's Avatar
      SYN DEIMOS -
      Well done m8 u deserve it you have done so much in the short time we have bin friends an done a lot for me an inspired me an I thank you for it u will keep inspire all the people in ur comaned as XS to do be better to
    1. SYN VeeVee XS's Avatar
      SYN VeeVee XS -
      I am super proud of you!! I have watched you grow so much as a person and a leader. I know your going to do amazing things as a XS. I can’t wait to see it! You have worked so hard to ge to where your at and I’m proud to say you came from my section!