• What games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section

      Cyberpunk 2077

      Beyond Good and Evil 2

      Battlefield V


      Metro Exodus

      Fallout 76

      Call of Duty Black Ops 4

      The Division 2

      Rage 2

      Crash Bandicoot

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      1. SYN TH3Reaper666's Avatar
        SYN TH3Reaper666 -
        I'm looking forward to seeing the game world war Z come out. Supposedly on a video I saw it's a 2018 E3 release.
      1. XGC Undertown's Avatar
        XGC Undertown -
        I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts III
      1. XGC Pancham's Avatar
        XGC Pancham -
        Bo4 and division
      1. Gamermike3240's Avatar
        Gamermike3240 -
        Fallout 76 and battlefield V
      1. SYN Blurry XS's Avatar
        SYN Blurry XS -
        Crash Bandicoot
      1. XGC TAURUS XD's Avatar
        XGC TAURUS XD -
        Rez you have a awesome blog sir. I would have to say crash bo4 the division 2 anthem
      1. xRESlLlENTx's Avatar
        xRESlLlENTx -
        Thank you Taurus. I am kinda looking forward to cyber punk. I want to see what they can actually do with the game
      1. XGC Fatkid's Avatar
        XGC Fatkid -
        I'm glad the beta to BO 4 is 8/3. Can check it out and see what all has changed and hopefully for the better (boots on the ground, adaptive recoil, initiate heal, gun mod mode, battle royale, etc.), I'm also looking forward to Battlefield 5 because there is more for support and medic to do ( support can repair broken walls and set up bunkers, and thats my ish lol), Fallout 76 is going to be huge because so many love the fallout series and never had a chance to play multiplayer, and now we can grind the game out together and work together instead of just chatting in party while playing two separate games. Bethesda is always making amazing games so Rage 2 will be one I have to try although I never did play the original this title looks like it will do well and have a good following.
      1. SYN NERDGODZ's Avatar
        SYN NERDGODZ -
        Black ops 4 and assassins creed i am a huge fan of assassins creed ever since the very first one and ive played everyone of them up to this point
      1. SYN NERDGODZ's Avatar
        SYN NERDGODZ -
        Oh wow thanks for posting the trailers i just watched cyberpunk it looks amazing thank you
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