• General Promotion

    Please help me congratulate SYN Daidan on his recent promotion to General of SYN Gluttony 7! SYN Daidan was recruited by SYN Mr Trouble in January of 2017, after several weeks of him, SYN Senpai, and Itz FluFFy820 constantly trying to get him to join. He finally agreed to join SYN DeathWatch. Because of his outstanding leadership qualities, Daidan quickly rose through the ranks to General. Since then, he was also in SYN Havoc, SYN Elite Ops, and now SYN Gluttony 7. Daidan has reached the rank of Captain in every clan he has been in. With his dedication to every member, ensuring no member gets left behind, and his pursuit of even more community knowledge than he already has in his vast arsenal, it will be without a doubt a sight to see how far he will go in leading his clan to success! "Don't forget, if you peak, six feet deep you sink!"
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      Thank you all
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      congrats bro. I know you will make us proud
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      Congratulations! (again lol)
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      congrats and welcome to the new generals club!!
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      Thank you guys
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      Congrats Daidan!