• Community Promotion SYN BacaBeast

    I would like to congratulate SYN BacaBeast on his promotion to General over SYN Insanity

    SYN BacaBeast was recruited into the community on January 14th 2017 into SYN Anarchy. Baca hit the ground running as a recruit doing anything and everything to make Anarchy a better place. Baca out shined his clan mates in every category. From recruiting to hosting game nights baca made sure to make not only his clan, but the community a better place. Soon baca got the opportunity to become a Lieutenant under myself. He was always eager to help out with anything i had to do as a captain. Baca has the most determination ive ever seen. That drive and dedication finally got him to a Captain position. This is where he really shined as a leader in this community. Having Baca as my captain was like having a second general in the clan. No matter what was going on in his squad i could always count everything would get done and done right.

    Baca then made the move to Xbox One into SYN Insanity. Being the natural leader he is it didnt take him long to find himself into leadership again, but this time landing in the Generals seat. Baca has worked extremely hard and deserves the spot where he's at now.

    I've known baca for a long time and look at him as a brother to me. All of his success makes me very happy and i have no doubt he will only grow and get better with time. I've seen potential in him since day one and honestly the sky is the limit for him. He owns all the qualities to lead a clan to success. Baca has a very bright future in this community and i couldn't be more proud. Congratulations SYN BacaBeast.
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      Congrats beast
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      So proud baca!!! You’re going to do great things ❤️
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      Congrats Baca!!!! You deserve it!!!
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      Thank you so much Cody!!!
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      Woot woot
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