• SYNdicate Section Leader Promotion: SYN DVS456 XS

    SYN DVS456 XS (Formally SYN DVS456) was recruited into Xiled Gaming in September , 2016 by The Package 25 in SYN Envy 7. From there he moved through the ranks to General by showing how to be a teamate not just a player. Putting some much dedication and effort he split SYN Envy 7 into SYN MostWanted which his no easy feat. As a General is goal was to have his hardcore gamers to learn that winning isn't everything, its all about having fun! SYN DVS456 XS considers his clan not just a group of members playing together but as a family which is admirable and respected! Congratulations again SYN DVS456 XS on your promotion to Section Leader here in SYNdicate. Well done. Keep striving for greatness!!!
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    1. SYN MzzTemper's Avatar
      SYN MzzTemper -
      Congratulations DVS you deserve it
    1. x L0TUS x's Avatar
      x L0TUS x -
      Congratulations DVS
    1. KoG x BugZ XS's Avatar
      KoG x BugZ XS -
      Congratulations! =)
    1. SYN DVS456 XS's Avatar
      SYN DVS456 XS -
      Ty everyone
    1. SYN Ribon XS's Avatar
      SYN Ribon XS -
      Congratulations DVS!
    1. SYN Jordan XD's Avatar
      SYN Jordan XD -
      Congratulations, DVS!
    1. D3adxheart's Avatar
      D3adxheart -
      Congrats !!!