• General Promotion

    Please congratulate FORSAKEN420KING, formally known as gameslayer1993, on his recent promotion to general over SYN Sloth 7. FORSAKEN has worked very hard to ensure success in his clan and most importantly in the community. He joined SYN Eternal in September of last year. With his leadership skills and ability to connect with others; he was quickly promoted to lieutenant, then Captain, getting his first shot in leadership. After getting his feet wet in leadership, he then transfered to SYN HAVOC. Which while working towards clan goals he was able to reach the rank of Lieutenant for the second time. Being the new young gun on the block, he was eager to help others within his section. Training Leaders and becoming a great asset to the community. He then transferred to SYN INFERNO were he helped rebuild a great clan under SYN X BUGZ XS, who was at that point the General, and worked hard to achieve a clan split.

    Shortly before the split he had to go inactive due to personal reasons. Upon return he was asked to go through GWG and he came to SYN LUST 7 where he would work his way up to Captain. FORSAKEN, along with the other leaders, worked hard to split SYN Lust 7. With all the work he has done in XG and a few problems along the way he overcame, FORSAKEN420KING has proved that no matter your past, it's the future that counts. Congrats FORSAKEN420KING on your promotion to General. I know you are gonna make XG and our section proud.
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    1. SYN x Daidan's Avatar
      SYN x Daidan -
      Congrats brother! You deserve it
    1. SYN APACHE's Avatar
      SYN APACHE -
      Congratulations Brother! Keep Moving Forward.
    1. KoG Dignity's Avatar
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    1. SYN Ribon XS's Avatar
      SYN Ribon XS -
      Yay Congratulations gameslayer!
    1. SYN KayKat XD's Avatar
      SYN KayKat XD -
      Congratulations!! Bout damn time!
    1. SYN Jordan XD's Avatar
      SYN Jordan XD -
      Congrats on your General promotion.
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