• Community Promotion: SYN Venom XS

    Everyone please help us in congratulating SYN Venom XS on his promotion to Section Leader. Venom joined on 12-16-16, with a determined attitude to set his own path has really branched out and met some amazing people and accomplished alot and triumphed over obstacles that were set in his path as he moved up through the ranks. His dedication to seeing everyone was treated right, making waves and showing his members underneath his guidance that all members are equal. He has done an adequate job of training his members to take his place if anything were to happen. His success has not gone unnoticed. SYN Venom XS is an exemplary choice of a tenured General who had nowhere left to go but above and on to greater challenge. With that being said, I would like to introduce SYN Venom XS..

    Congrats, looking forward to working with you.
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      Congratulations Cody!!!
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      Congrats bud!!!
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      Congrats again man !
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      Congrats, Venom!