• KoG Militia: Captain Promotion - KoG Hart

    Congratulations to KoG Hart (formerly rlgothart) on making Captain over KoG Militia.

    You have been very dedicated to Militia from the day you joined and work so very hard in making all of our new recruits feel like part of the family, instead of just any old clan, because that's exactly what we are -family.

    Even when you are walking to work in the freezing rain and I tell you it's ok to jump out of the party and put your phone in your pocket before the rain ruins it, you still never listen - and never miss a meeting.

    You know the high expectations I have for all my clan members and you impress me on a daily basis by going above and beyond for not only KoG Militia, but XG as a whole and I have faith in you that you will be a great leader to all of our family members!

    Congratulations KoG Hart!!