• Game with Fame Interview - May 2018 - XGC Tantaliz XC

      Want to learn some more about XGC Tantaliz XC? Sheís the XGG Team Director and Events Team Leader who is one of XGís newest Community Leaders. I was able to catch up with her in between games of PubG and her busy work schedule to ask her some questions, so read on below to learn a little bit more about this awesome fearless boss lady!

      What was your first gamertag?
      Whorrific Ė for two months, until it was banned. After that, it was TilTheWorldEnds up until I got my first XGC tag, XGC Tantalizing in December 2012.

      XG Clan History?
      Recruited into XGC Illusive in 2012, promoted to private and then went with the clan split into XGC Apoclypse. In Apocalypse, I went up to Captain, and then my general XGC OCTULA was promoted to XS Ė and I became the new general of Apocalypse. I was general for over a year, and then from Apocalypse I moved all the way up to XC. Iíve rebuilt Apocalypse twice, once from the ground up as an XS.

      Who recruited you? When?
      XGC OCTULA Ė May 10th, 2012.

      What are a few characteristics that you believe every leader should have?
      1) Communication. Being able to talk to any person, of any rank and part of any division, and delivering the news whether itís good or bad, is something every good leader should be able to do.
      2) Confidence. Be confident in the decisions that you make.
      3) Creativity. Being able to think outside the box and having the ability to look at every side of every decision Ė how it effects the member, the clan, the division, and of course the community.

      What advice would you give to someone who wanted to move up into leadership?
      Work Hard, Play Harder! Make decisions that keep you successful and all those around you Ė itís not about things that personally benefit you, but what benefits everyone.

      What is your most memorable moment in Xiled Gaming? Why?
      Playing Shots & Rescue on Call of Duty with XGC StoopKid XD & XGC Taurus XS! On Search & Destroy, when you died you would drop tags, and your teammates would have to pick up your tags to revive you. Every time you killed somebody, and every time you died, you had to take a drink. After each round, the top player makes a rule for the next game. The rule that everybody had to talk with an accent carried on all night even though it was only supposed to be for one game, and people were talking in Scottish, Italian, and all kinds of accents the rest of the night. Players from public lobbies were following us around just to play the game. That was the most memorable night and the most fun in XG.

      What is the one thing you try to stress to all gamers in XG?
      Have fun and donít let the work of your rank keep you from having fun. Donít lose sight of the big picture, which is that weíre all here to game and have fun with everyone else. No matter your rank, this is an escape for all of us.

      How does it feel to be one of the only THREE women to make it to Community Leader?
      Still getting used to it, and I didnít even know that! Itís not about being a female, itís about the work that you put in to get to this point. To be in this position is awesome and it isnít about being a female. Effort pays off, no matter who you are.

      What is your favorite thing about Xiled Gaming?
      The people that Iíve met, and the fact that I can turn my Xbox on and no matter what game I choose to play, I always have people to play with. Which is what weíre all here for, and to support Xiled Gaming.

      What is the first game you ever played?
      The Legend of Zelda Ė but I hated it. I also played Super Mario Bros. on original NES as well as SNES. Crash Bandicoot is the best!

      What made you want to move into leadership?
      When I was moving through the ranks, I didnít have leadership at all. My captain was a captain in name only, and only pushed me up the ranks because I was a chick, which I found out later. When I got to captain, my general was there but not really there, and I never thought I would go past being a general at that time. As a general, I never really had a section leader that was present and available. I wanted to give people what I didnít have myself, to make sure they were able to get what they needed. Leaders back in the day were a lot different than what we have now, they werenít really gaming with members, just with others at their rank. I memorized the website and the ranks and everything because I didnít have anyone to guide me. I wanted everyone below me to have what I didnít have.

      What are some plans you have for Xiled Gaming as a whole?
      World Domination. 😉

      Has anything in the community impacted your real life?
      Not really an event in the community, but the leadership development Ė like teaching Captainís, Generalís, Section Leader classes Ė a lot of that info is applicable in your day to day life, at school, at work, anywhere. Itís utilized in personal relationships. You learn to deal with situations, not just on the box but in real life.

      Has anything in your real life impacted your life in the community?
      I have a really crazy job, so for example, some days Iím expecting to get online and to game, but I have a bad day at work and just come home and go to sleep. Some days I need to take a break from the Xbox to go hiking or kayaking, and just be outside, so I can come back and be refreshed and ready to handle business again!

      What was your biggest struggle in Xiled Gaming?
      When I was a general, I let who I thought knew best have an impact on the decisions that I made. He had been in leadership previously, so I put his opinion over my own, before I realized that I was the general for a reason, and I had to trust my own judgment. Also, people thinking I got promoted because Iím a chick, rather than looking at the work Iíve done.

      List 5 favorite memories you have in XG
      1) Shots & Rescue (see above)
      2) Getting the Events Team Lead with Eminence
      3) Watching Fliggy get hit with a bomb on PUBG when he was trying to save the car by pulling it into the garage.
      4) Rainbow Six Pro League Ė the entire thing Ė working with the girls on the team and surviving it together.
      5) Attending game nights through the events team
      6) (Bonus) Watching people I know get promoted

      Are there things that you dread to deal with in the community? (even though you get it done)
      The DNR List Ė hate it but I get it done.

      What is your imaginary picture of a perfect day?
      Me, on the beach, in Bora Bora with a Margarita on the rocks with no salt. Sun shining and crystal clear blue water. Or anywhere tropical in a bathing suit with people I love.

      What's your favorite daytime crap TV show?
      Daily E! News Ė all entertainment news gossip and happenings.

      Would you ever be a (victim) to a TV show like Jerry Springer / Maury etc.....?
      No! Iím not from West Virginia. I stay away from those situations.

      If someone ever tried to take you to TV court would you go? What would you DO? Laugh / cry / frustrated?
      I would go, and I would not laugh. I wouldnít be frustrated and would not cry. I would give that TV show the best ratings it ever had!

      What are your favorite things about each level you have achieved within the community?
      Being a leader in the community, and working with those under me to get them to their leadership ranks that they choose to be in. Meeting the goals of each rank, and helping others meet their goals of their rank. Make sure those below you are getting what they need.

      With you being in higher-up leadership, whatís it like being a role model to females in the community?
      I think that a lot of females are discouraged when trying to move up in the community, but if Karma, Kaykat, and other females can do it so can you. Itís making sure that youíre doing what you need to. I can share my experience as far as telling the bumps Iíve dealt with, and how to help you avoid hitting any of those same bumps whenever possible.

      Which community leader(s) do you look up to, or have in the past, that inspire(d) you?
      Right now, XGC Penguin XC. He knows his stuff and has it together on every level.

      Whatís your favorite rock band?
      The Offspring. They were the first band I crowd-surfed to, and thereís even a shot of me on YouTube during that concert.

      Whatís something no one knows about you?
      Iím really shy. Not a lot of people know that. I feel like Iím so shy, I overcompensate by being so talkative. I try to not be awkward.

      What is a goal you have made for yourself?
      To be as comfortable in my current rank as I was in my last rank, and to succeed in a positive way.

      Have you ever been part of any other communities? Which ones?
      I have never been a part of any other communities. I had only started gaming online for a couple of months when I joined XG in 2012.

      Parting Words?
      Remember that every time you turn your Xbox on, you donít know why someone is or isnít on, people get on to game and sometimes itís as an outlet. Be kind to everyone, realize that no matter what rank you are, weíre all here to game and have fun. Donít make this any more difficult than it should be for yourself or others. Someone once told me, 90% fun 10% work!

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      WHEN: Friday, May 25th, 2018
      TIME: 9 PM EST
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      1. XGC TAURUS XD's Avatar
        XGC TAURUS XD -
        Great interview!
      1. XGC Jinxx's Avatar
        XGC Jinxx -
        awesome to read! Tant, you are definitely a role model for any leader along with women in the community looking to go up into leadership. Never got to know you too well but the few times that we have been in a party together you have always been nice and kind. You are definitely someone people look up to (:
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