• Community Promotion: KoG Kammy // New Clan: KoG Mafia

    On February 5, 2018, KoG welcomed in a new recruit to KoG Royalty by the name of Kvmmy. He got acustomed to the clan and community, and showed that he was an excellent gamer. As time went by, Kvmmy also showed a natural ability to lead, and this was noticed, and he was trained to become a leader in XG.He decided to take an XG tag, and changed his name to KoG Kammy. His time came, and there was an opening for an LT, and his captain did not hesitate, and promoted him to the position of LT. A few weeks later, the clan split, making him a Captain. He quickly grew accustomed to his new role as captain in KoG Devil Dogs, and the clan grew, splitting squads, and finally splitting the clan. It gives me great honor to present to KoG, and to all of Xiled Gaming the newest General of KoG Mafia, KoG Kammy.
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    1. KoG Exile's Avatar
      KoG Exile -
      Congratulations Kammy!
    1. KoG Dignity's Avatar
      KoG Dignity -
      Congrats Kammy! I told you i had plans for you and i meant it! I cant wait to see you grow even more then you already have. (:
    1. Kvmmy's Avatar
      Kvmmy -
      My heart �������� Thanks everyone!
    1. KoG Drifdar XS's Avatar
      KoG Drifdar XS -
      It was a wonderful feeling to see you get to the position of General. Keep going forward.
    1. XGC EMINENCE XC's Avatar
    1. Kvmmy's Avatar
      Kvmmy -
      Thanks everyone! I won’t waste this chance to run a great clan.
    1. SYN Ribon XS's Avatar
      SYN Ribon XS -
      Congratulations! And what a great name for a clan lol