• Community Promotion: KoG CANARY

    Congratulations KoG CANARY on making General over KoG MILITIA, You have worked very hard to attain this position and you have been a Great Leader in the Community!!!

    You have impressed me from the first time that we met, You have really Stepped up in Keeping everyone together, Gaming With Them, Recruiting and Making sure that No one is left behind. You did all of this during a time that you held Captain position in a Generalís Capacity. You never skipped a beat especially while under the pressure.

    You Strive to learn all that you can about your position that you hold as well as the responsibilities that is required of you.

    You have always been there for your Family Members (Clan) as well as our Section. You have been supportive in making decisions for the Greater Good of XG as a Whole.

    You Lead by example, listen to your members and try to find solutions, Which makes a great Leader.

    It gives me great Pleasure to Congratulate you on Making General over KoG MILITIA.

    I look forward to seeing you bring growth to that Clan and seeing future Clan Splits as I know that you will take the time to work with your Officers and Produce Quality Leaders.

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      KoG Exile -
      Congratulations Canary! Thank you for what you do. Well deserved!!!
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    1. BLACK CANARY 30's Avatar
      BLACK CANARY 30 -
      Thank you all so very much I truly appreciate all the kind words!