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    Everyone please welcome SYN Batgirl94 to the general seat of SYN NIGHTMARE. SYN Batgirl94 transferred to Nightmare in mid April and has been an irreplaceable and essential member ever since. She rose through the ranks in Nightmare quickly and worked hard everyday to improve Nightmare. Her uplifting attitude is an amazing part of the section and her enthusiasm for Nightmare and the community is inspiring to all she meets. She is always trying to bring people together and make everyone feel welcomed in all of her lobbies whether that be a game night lobby or a "Batgirl lobby" in which you can spend hours just having genuine conversations. She worked hard with her general everyday to figure out ways to improve the clan and her one of a kind attitude makes Nightmare a better place. Please help me Congratulate SYN Batgirl94 on her promotion to General over SYN NIGHTMARE![/QUOTE]
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    1. SYN RageQuit's Avatar
      SYN RageQuit -
      Congrats batgirl!!!!!
    1. SYN Batgirl94's Avatar
      SYN Batgirl94 -
      Thank you!!!!!
    1. SWEETT DESIRES's Avatar
      Congrats girls!! Love ya
    1. NME SLIM 420's Avatar
      NME SLIM 420 -
      I love this community