• Community Promotion: SYN K0cKl3S New Clan: SYN Vindicators

    SYN K0cKl3S was recruited into SYN Sacred on October 30, 2017 on the Xbox One. He came into the community ready to game and have a great time. He finally found a home with SYN Heathens when they split off. When decisions needed to be made he commits to his plan and worked with the members to accomplish them. He squashed drama and listened to others intently make them feel like they were being heard and understood. He also learned quickly about what it means to be a leader in the community. Often times he chose the hard right over the easy wrong and learned from his mistakes.

    SYN K0cKl3S has worked extremely hard to set his vision and to make it become a reality. He has really grown into the leadership positions he has acquired thus far and I have no doubt in the bright future he has with the community. After working so closely with him as his Section Leader, it gives me great pleasure in promoting him to General over the new clan SYN Vindicator.

    SYN K0cKl3S you have come so far in the community and you are so eager to learn new things everyday. With the amount of hard work you put in and the can do attitude and to desire to learn that you have shown me, I am so excited to see the journey that is set out for you and SYN Vindicators. Congratulations on a well-earned and well-deserved promotion. Keep up the hard work! It's most definitely paying off.
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      SYN Blurry XS -
      Congrats bro
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      Femioxi -
      Well deserved!! Congrats kockles!!
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      Yay! Congrats bud!