• SYN Sweetz XS Promotion

    SYN Sweetz XS joined the community way back in 2013. Sweetz has been in multiple clans in and around the community always staying in the peripheral but over the last several months she has been showing that she knows how to lead. She has been leading SYN Hyrule over on the PC side through some transitions and showed tat she has what it takes to lead clans to success.

    SYN Sweetz XS has been busting her butt and is showing that the PC side is not going anywhere and is going to keep pushing boundaries and maybe show that the PC side isn't going to just survive, but THRIVE! We are all excited to see what Sweetz accomplishes now that she has that big bad XS behind her name! Everyone please welcome Sweetz to the X-Team and Congratulate her on her promotion to Section Leader!
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      KoG x BugZ XS -
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      SYN SLICE -
      OH MY Desires is an XS now. CONGRATS ON THE PROMO you desire it
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      SYN Stiddy -
      Congrats my friend!