• Community Promotion: KoG SMASH

    On January 27, 2018, WarfordSmash was recruited into KoG Inferno, and quickly started his rise through the ranks due to his ability to stay cool while under pressure and his calm demeanor. He has followed the advice of his peers and leaders in his attempt to learn how to be a better leader, he listens to the advice of his leaders, but is not afraid to interject his ideas to a conversation if they are warrented. He has worked very hard for the betterment of KoG and for XG as a whole, and his hard work is an inspiration to those that know him. I am pleased to introduce to KoG and all of XiledGaming to KoG SMASH, the new General of KoG United.
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      Whooop whooop
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      Thank you! I've learned and will continue learning from the best!
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      Congrats on your promotion!
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      Congratulations. Good job.