• New Promotion- XGC Teshlo

    Please help me congratulate XGC Teshlo on his promotion to the General over XGC Barbarians, the split clan off of XGC Wise Guys. Since his join date in November of 2016 he has been a great addition to XG and has promise into becoming a great leader. XGC Sugar and myself are very proud to have been able to work with him, even more so to have promoted him to General of his own clan. CONGRATULATIONS XGC TESHLO!!!
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    1. XGC ILLENIUM's Avatar
      Congratulations Tesh!!!! I'm happy they finally did your clan split!
    1. XGC Gore's Avatar
      XGC Gore -
      Congrats Teshlo! You deserve it.
    1. XGC Nobelizer's Avatar
      XGC Nobelizer -
      Congratulations on getting General. U will be going far I see in this clan. Glad to see all the hard work u have been doing.