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    please help me congratulate XGC Illenium to General ofXGC Champions. he was recruited into XGC Torment XK by XGC Dreadnought back in June of 2017 and took no time to fight through the ranks to make a name for himself. he well deserves it. Bravo Zulu
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    1. XGC ILLENIUM's Avatar
      Thanks Draken! I'll do my best!
    1. unlimitedfish95's Avatar
      unlimitedfish95 -
      Congrats man!
    1. Slayerz HD's Avatar
      Slayerz HD -
      Congratulations man
    1. XGC Nobelizer's Avatar
      XGC Nobelizer -
      Congratulations on General
    1. HardcoreHail639's Avatar
      HardcoreHail639 -
      good job