• NEW General - XGC LilLuci

    New General over in

    Please help me in welcoming the newest addition to the cool kids club
    XGC LilLuci
    has done an outstanding job at being a positive influence and stepping up and helping out fellow members when in need.

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    1. XGC Miscreant's Avatar
      XGC Miscreant -
      Congrats XGC LilLuci!!
    1. XGC Jinxx's Avatar
      XGC Jinxx -
      Thank you.
    1. XGC TAURUS XD's Avatar
      Congratulations luci all the hard work paid off!
    1. XGC DUECES's Avatar
      XGC DUECES -
      Congrats LilLuci!!! If you ever need help or advice from a fellow General just hit me up anytime!!! Keep up the Hard work!!!
    1. XGC Noble HD's Avatar
      XGC Noble HD -
      Congratulations keep up the good work