• Community Promotion Jrl3195

    Please help me in Congratulating Jrl3195 to the Rank of General over SYN BAD COMPANY !!!

    Jrl3195 joined this great community on 6/4/2017 into SYN HELLHOUNDS Mainia squad , Thru hard work and strong dedication to know this great community like the back of his hand Jrl3195 rose his way up the ranks .
    As captain of his squad soulless Jrl3195 protrayed what we expect of a leader, making mistakes along the way but always learning from them, Jrl3195 has shown what it takes to be a efficient, trustworthy, valuable asset within his Clan and it gives me Great pleasure to promote him to the rank of General over SYN BAD COMPANY.
    Congratulations Jrl3195 !!!!

    "A Leader is one who Knows the way, Goes the Way, and Shows the way"
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      Congrats! You'll do great!!
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      XGC Nobelizer -
      Congrats on getting Gen
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