• Community Promotion: KoG ElXito

    Please help me Congratulate KoG ElXito on his promotion to General of KoG Siege. He has worked hard to help me rebuild this clan. It takes a lot of dedication to train leaders and find recruits for a clan that doesn’t exist. Keep up the great work and thank you for your help in rebuilding this division. I have confidence he will be a great leader in our community.

    Lets make KoG the great division it once was.
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    1. KoG EXILE XD's Avatar
      KoG EXILE XD -
      Congratulations man. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do.
    1. KoG Force's Avatar
      KoG Force -
    1. XGC Nobelizer's Avatar
      XGC Nobelizer -
      Congrats on getting Gen
    1. SYN Scumpii's Avatar
      SYN Scumpii -
      Congrats **** face hahaha lol